Thanks to state of the art technology, computer aided manufacturing and a team of experts we are able to manufacture all sheet metal parts, welded constructions and other nonstandard products for HVAC and other fields.

The products can be of any material (galvanized, coated, powder-coated, ect.) or colour:

  • Nonstandard parts of ductwork, both square and circular cross-section
  • Double-layer ductwork, including fittings
  • Sheet metal cassettes and panels (incl. pressed)
  • Prefabricated constructions from aluminium profiles
  • Hoods and exhausters, both galvanized and stainless steel
  • Cases for gas and electricity meters
  • Shelf systems
  • Waste containers
  • Portable cabins
  • Welded constructions of various shapes
  • Consoles and drapers


Tel.: +420 519 500 811

In case of serious interest to visit and see our production plant, please contact us.